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Brunswick Electric Membership Corporation is pleased to offer its members the opportunity to purchase  a “smart thermostat” at a discount.  BEMC is partnering with Ecobee, Inc., the world’s first WiFi smart thermostat, to run a pilot program to measure the true impact a smart thermostat can have on consumer energy savings and utility costs.

According to research published by Ecobee, Inc. the Ecobee4 smart thermostat has been proven to save 23 percent on heating and cooling costs in homes.  Homeowners can monitor and control the WiFi connected Ecobee4 anytime, from anywhere using the mobile app. This provides homeowners with total control of their heating and cooling energy use.

The unit retails for $249. However, Brunswick Electric is offering a significant discount to members who are interested in participating in the pilot program ($50 plus tax).

For current Ecobee users:
See new setting recommendations

Single-Stage Thermostat Set-Up Guidelines for All-Electric Heat Pumps


In order to participate in Brunswick Electric Membership Corporation's Ecobee Pilot Program,

please fill out the MEMBER PARTICIPANT AGREEMENT here.




The Ecobee4 comes preloaded to EnergyStar recommended settings. During the pilot, BEMC will call for the thermostat to be returning to these settings, this can occur up to 8 times per month for a period lasting as long as 6 hours. Participants can override or opt-out of these settings but their energy savings potential will be less.


  • The Member certifies that they have a compatible air-conditioner, heat pump or electric furnace in good working order.
  • The Member agrees to maintain the connection between their enrolled thermostat(s) through an Internet Service Provider for WiFi connectivity.
  • The Member agrees to maintain an active account with BEMC throughout the duration of the Pilot.
  • The Member agrees to assist support personnel in resolving connectivity or other issues relevant to the Pilot.
  • The Pilot is a demand control study and the Member agrees to participate in monthly control events.
  • The member agrees to allow BEMC to share load-specific data related to energy consumption and capacity of the Member’s account.
  • PLEASE PICK UP YOUR THERMOSTAT UNIT MON - FRI between 8am and 5pm at any BEMC office.
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